I'm Murtuza
Software Developer
An aspiring full-stack developer who tries to keep a good relationship with bugs & a content creator!
Front end Development
Specialized in JavaScript & React JS! Able to build elegant user interfaces!
Full Stack Development
Having fun with Node JS, Express, APIs and some other cool stuff! Aspiring full stack developer!
Content Creation
Ability to write in-depth articles regarding web development and UI design.
Development Projects
A blog for developers!
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Wavy - A JavaScript Library
A JavaScript Library which allows you to animate infinite words in an infinite loop in a modern wavy way!
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Business Card Generator
A responsive business card generator built using React JS!
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Blog Post Retriever
Fetch all the latest blog posts from dev.to for a particular user!
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Bookmarks to PDF converter
Convert the exported bookmark file to PDF format
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QR Code Generator
A simple QR Code generator made using JavaScript. Generate as well as download QR Codes real quick!
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Typing Animation
Recreating a Typing Animation by Kevin Powell using Vanilla JavaScript
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Wavy Text Animation
A simple, modern and an elegant wavy text animation using Vanilla JavaScript!
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A matrix calculator to perform different operations on matrices
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Throw up your ideas
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Breke Timer
A timer which allows you to take breaks
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Toggle Animation
A dark mode toggle button animation
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Spotlight Effect
Transitions and Animations in CSS
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CSS Tricks
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DEV Community
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All Blog Posts
Oct, 2021 - Present
Technical Content Creator
July, 2021 - Present
Wrote articles related to Web Design and Development!
Technical Writer - Draft.dev
Sept, 2021 - Present
Freelance Content Writer
May, 2021 - Present
Selected as one of the Top 7 Authors of the Week!
May, 2020 - Present
I usually write about science and technology in general.
May, 2020 - Present
Volunteering as a contributing writer!
Content Writer - Pepper Content
Oct, 2020 - Feb, 2021
Wrote articles for clients related to user-interface design and creativity.
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